Repairs & Upgrades

Ascend will repair anything from a broken laptop screen to a failed power supply, and from printer repairs to motherboard problems.  Common issues with desktop PCs may be the failure of RAM and Graphics Cards; and on the laptop front, overheating and screen, hinge and socket issues.

Hardware & Software

Over time, many PCs will start to become unstable through either hardware or software issues.  Hardware faults may stem from CPU, RAM, Graphics Cards and Motherboard problems.  On the software side, incorrect drivers may be causing problems or incomplete installations and configurations. 

Viruses & Spyware

The unfortunate truth is that viruses, spyware, malware and rootkits are now a real and everyday concern.  Whether you just browse infrequently or download many things from the web, unless your PC is protected you run the risk of opening the door for virus intrusion.  However, viruses are even more potent than ever before and even with protection can still slip through causing harm and damage to your machine.  Ascend will repair this.

Internet & Broadband

Whether you have connection issues, or just want to setup, install and configure your broadband Ascend IT Services will aid you through the process.  Broadband configurations and setup can appear daunting and with incorrect setup procedure the Internet may not work, lose connection frequently or not behave as you expect.  Wireless networks can also be set up. 

System & Performance

Over time, Operating Systems may get slower, files may corrupt and your PC may experience extreme slow downs and appear sluggish.  A PC Healthcheck is always good way to re-vitalise ailing machines and to give the system a much needed boost.  

Web Design & Content

Ascend can make a website for you and make sure all the fiddly settings and configurations are set up for search optimisation.  If you want a professional yet affordable website, then contact us with your details and to set out a meeting schedule to plan out the web pages and design.


If something just cannot wait, or you require immediate attention then just let is know.  Ascend is reliable and fast and will aim to deal with any out of the blue emergencies. 

System Setup

Many people will be afraid to put new PCs together as it seems daunting with all the connections, wires and leads.  We can put your system together and show you how to navigate your computer.

Training & Tuition

Training and tuition may be needed by some inexperienced users, we break everything down step by step and show them that a PC can be a great asset and nothing to be frightened of.  You can book this in hourly blocks, with whatever agenda you want to follow, whether it be Office tuition, website navigation or PC maintenance.   

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